Aaron kwok dating

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Aaron kwok dating

I want to go public because I want to date sincerely and honestly, and also hope to receive blessings," he said.

After midnight, Moka shared Aaron’s post, and replied, “Yeah!Aaron was rumored with the below women in the last two years: Anna Kay (葉子淇) Months after splitting from Lynn in 2013, Aaron was dating mainland artiste, Anna Kay.At the time, the 29-year-old was spotted entering and spending the next 30 hours in Aaron’s home.The actor-singer took showbiz by surprise yesterday evening when he released pictures of himself in a wedding tux and one of him and his groomsmen.More official pictures of Aaron, 51, and his blushing bride was released later at night.The "Twilight of a Nation" actor did not seem offended by the public posts. Of course I hope everyone is happy." Then, he paused to announce a special news.

"Life is not a battlefield, there is no need to compete," he said. This was the first time Kwok went out to the public about his love life.She tagged Kwok in her post and said: "Stop being playful, hurry and eat up".After breaking up with Lynn Hung (熊黛林) two years ago, 50-year-old Aaron Kwok (郭富城) has been romantically linked with several young models.In one of the pictures, Moka, who was wearing a traditional Chinese red Kua for the tea ceremony in the morning, was spotted with a more pronounced belly, sparking speculations of a shotgun marriage.According to insiders, the couple are expecting their first child but have not share the good news yet as Moka is still in the first trimester of her pregnancy (it is taboo to reveal one’s pregnancy in the first three months, according to Chinese beliefs).However, Kwok started to distance himself after she made the request and Fang stopped requesting for the apartment.

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