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Ed Banger Records collaborated with the cosmetics brand Uslu Airlines to create a glow-in-the-dark nail polish that was sold with a special mini-mix by Busy P.To commemorate the label's tenth anniversary and the 20th anniversary of Girl Distribution Company, an Ed Banger series of skateboard decks was released in July 2013, in addition to a remixed video part for Girl's team rider Sean Malto.

Most videos and album art for Ed Banger releases are coordinated by So Me.

Focal Banger was recently made available at several Upstate beers bars in a similar release: One one per customer and you couldn't take it home. Focal Banger is made by The Alchemist, a brewery that has gained something of a cult status among beer fans.

It's 7 percent alcohol and is considered "easier to drink" than Heady Topper, but still flavorful. "Hiding in the shadow of Heady Topper -- possibly the world's more sought-after beer -- is Focal Banger," Men's Journal wrote.

ROCHESTER, NY -- OK, Upstate New York hop heads, here's your chance: Five Upstate Wegmans food markets will be selling limited supplies of Focal Banger, a beer that craft enthusiasts often drive hundreds of miles to The Alchemist brewery in Stowe, Vt. But this coveted beer will be extremely limited: Each store has only once case (24 cans). And each customer can buy just one can, and must drink it on-site at the store restaurant. The five Wegmans locations offering Focal Banger will be the full-service restaurants in Perinton, near Rochester, and Transit Road in Buffalo (Williamsville); and the "Burger Bars" at the stores in Canandaigua; Pittsford near Rochester and De Witt, near Syracuse. It's reputation started with a beer called Heady Topper, and people camped out at the brewery waiting for its release.

Sales will begin in each store restaurant at 4 p.m., Wednesday Oct. Like Heady Topper, Focal Banger is a hazy style of India Pale Ale, but with a different hop character. Men's Journal recently named it one of the Top 25 best IPAs in the country.

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The label enjoyed a dramatic rise in fame in early 2007 when a number of the artists signed to its roster found mainstream success, most notably French electronic group Justice, whose rework of "Never Be Alone" by now defunct electro-rock band Simian, was a success in clubs worldwide, entering the UK charts at The music video for the single won the award for best video at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2006.

Labelmate Uffie also enjoyed a rise in fame in late 2006 when her single, "Pop the Glock", gained international radio play.

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