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He advised that it might be helpful if the Society made the services of the Secretary (Mr Harold Finnis) and a typist available to the organization.Introduced were new sections for the blind and disabled, plus an additional four classes in the knitting and crochet section for the over 70's.

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At the meeting of the Executive held 3/7/1940, the President (Sir Walter Duncan) reported that he had been invited by the Federal Government to accept the Chairmanship of the business committee in connection with Defence Administration.

Mr C R Heath's design was awarded first prize of £500.

Designs came from New Zealand, England and all Australian States.

) and have I mentioned enough how much I love Australia and New Zealand? You go to a show or a fair, like the Royal Easter Show or the Royal Melbourne Show, and there’s show bags you can buy.

I might even learn to appreciate the salty strangeness that is vegemite. Having worked with scores of them in summer camps over the years, I can tell you, if you want to have a mad crush on a nationality, Aussies and Kiwis are the way to go. Kind of like the baddest of the badass party favors, only you buy them.

(Special note to Spoetzl Brewery: please sell showbag filled with Shiner Bock in New Jersey.

Preferably at the Meadowlands, because I can drive there and pick up all my beer. It is held at the Adelaide Showground, located in Wayville, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia and is attended by up to half a million people every year, making it the State's biggest event.Core to the Royal Adelaide Show are the competitive entries, such as livestock, art & craft, food & wine, photography and much more.xoxoxo, Sarah) Also appearing at the Royal Melbourne? Now I have to figure out what to do with these here bags of Hoff. The same showbag that filled my heart with great chest-hair laden joy: the Hoff Bag. From faraway Australia, the Hoff and his bag o’ booty arrived in Jersey, tempting me with the headband action and the fine beer cozy. Who wants a small piece of Australia and a furry piece of Hoff? What shall I do to award these majestic bags of Hoff? The Royal Adelaide Show (colloquially known simply as The Show) is an annual agricultural show run by the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia.

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