Caribbean phone chat line numbers for free

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Caribbean phone chat line numbers for free

The included golf was average; the course was fair, but the overall experience was very low end (but, again, mildly pleasant and non-offensive).Overall, as a first-timer at an all-inclusive, I got the impression we were being herded around.

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If you are beach-goer and enjoy the all-inclusive concept, this is surely a 4/5 star resort.However, the VIP beach was sometimes occupied by folks who did not have the updated VIP bracelets and security was not uniform at reinforcing exclusivity. As a result, the line of people waiting to place their names on the list snaked out the door. So you can order it separetly or call the customer service and they will help you with that. We had 8 people in our group, booking 4 rooms, but all coming from a total of 3 different cities.The pools were lovely but not enough lounges to go around if you didnt get up early to reserve them. The food at the sit down options in general were inferior to those available at the dinner buffets. All people are included in the package no matter how we set up the rooms.Reservations are made and paid for per person, but they will book the air travel to accommodate the different individuals embarkation cities.Call the Cheap Caribbean travel agent - just have the flight information you want on hand and they can definitely help.They arrive at the hotel, meet there and check in together, although they will need to use one of their names on the contract as the responsible person.

Had no problems with the different cities, the transportation company that Cheap Caribbean selected, got them there and got them both back to the airport, although their travel times were different there was no problem.Keep in mind that, depending on the ages of your children, there may still be some restrictions on the maximum occupency allowance, however this should give you a place to start!The rooms at the Majestic Elegance have two beds pushed together to make a king bed.We had them bring in two beds that they put in the jacuzzi area of our room but am not sure if 4 is maximum occupancy.While the Majestic Elegance does have an Adults-only section - the Elegance Club - which includes upgraded amenities, a concierge, and an adults-only pool, they do not have a topless beach or pool on site.If you want to do excursions (snorkeling) for example, they are usually between 50-100 dollars per person. We took 700 for our honeymoon..snorkeling, bought souvenirs for us and family, lost 60 at casino, tipped some people and had like 300 left. The only additional money you would need is for any excursions you would like to partake in outside of the resort, professional photos, and souvenirs.