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Both Prue and Piper initially did not believe her when she told them that they were the Charmed Ones, but they were forced to acknowledge it as the truth when they each manifested their own powers.

However, this balancing act proved to be extremely difficult for her, as she and her sisters were subjected to frequent demonic attacks, and her instinct to protect the innocent often got in the way of her studies and nearly derailed her intent to pass all of her final exams. While this achievement was a huge source of pride for her, her duties as a Charmed One ultimately prevented her from using her degree for two years after she graduated. He was the assistant district attorney in charge of a case in which she was involved.Phoebe then cast the Dominus Trinus, which reawakened the powers of the three sisters that were previously bound by their Grams when they were children.The next day, she received her first premonition—two teenagers getting hit by a car -- which allowed her to prevent accident, though it came at the cost of her being injured.However, Cole had unintentionally fallen in love with her, which prompted him to purposely fail his missions from the Triad in order to protect her.During one of his botched and half-hearted attacks on the Charmed Ones, Cole was inadvertently hurt.Despite anything and everything, she was consistently the most spirited and spontaneous Charmed One.

As Phoebe's personality matured and her knowledge of witchcraft became more extensive, she decided to get a job, but was relatively turned off by the fact she was not educated enough to obtain jobs that interested her.This change of character was often credited to the fact that Grams had tried to often control her, which led to to dedicate herself to rebellion out of spite.However, Piper believed her acting out was due to her unhappiness over her lack of a true mother.On October 7th, 1998, Phoebe returned from New York after spending six months there following the death of her Grams.On that night, while playing with the spirit board with Piper, the pointer suddenly moved on its own, spelling out the word "attic." To find out more about it, she went up to the attic where she found the Book of Shadows.This served as a hard yet necessary lesson, given that while it finally taught her the importance of rule-abiding, it also meant that she was forced to learn to depend more on her personal self, such her basic common sense, her natural spell-writing talent, and, of course, her academic knowledge of magic.

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