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The show is a trip back through 50 years of the Street, revisiting momentous events and iconic characters along with song-and-dance routines, and Paul is hosting the whole shebang.

There are two options to unlock a Samsung phone, the traditional *#pw 15853649247w# or you can access the parameter menu via *#9998*627837793#Unlocking the phone for use with a SIM card from another phone company can be done by entering *#9998*3323# which will reset the phone, you exit and push 7 which completes the reset, you can then put your new SIM card in the phone, when prompted about the SIM lock simply enter 00000000 and then *0141# which will unlock the phone for you.

That might be an inside joke (because the link also does not work).

Otherwise there are virtually no ads except a ubiquitous banner about some hook-up chat room, but that does seem like it's a part of Mxit somehow.

If you stick with the chat function then you'll have a chance to share random phrases, stick videos, pictures and animated gif's to a conversation. Either way, you can delete conversations if you don't want mom to see them and you can also remove contacts in case your Friends list becomes unbearably big. The social network part is not really meaningful when you explore it unless you're interested in expressing your opinion regarding the South African rail-road system; or if you reside in South Africa.

If not, Mxit will feel just like entering the wrong party mansion.

Born the youngest of three children in Birkenhead, Merseyside, he says it might just as well have been Weatherfield.‘There was a woman just like Elsie Tanner round the corner and we had our own Ena Sharples down the road,’ he says.

‘Watching Coronation Street was like watching the inner workings of the lives of people we knew.’ Today, he has three dogs, two pigs, countless chickens and ducks, an owl and a sheep that thinks it’s a dog and wanders into the kitchen at his Kent farmhouse.

Mxit might be popular in South Africa or India but it simply cannot hold against the competition.

In all fairness, comparing it to the mobile incarnation of Facebook, you'll clearly see that false advertisement cannot elevate a messenger app to a fully-fledged social network.

He’s in the middle of his third and final autobiography which, he says, has forced him to ‘dig deep’ into the truth about himself. That’s when I said, “Lily’s going.” Because he’d always been here with Lily. Don’t be hanging round.” And off he went.’A year after Murphy’s death Paul suffered a near-fatal heart attack, his second in four years.

His first book, At My Mother’s Knee, introduced us to his mum Molly and two aunts Chrissie and Anne, who along with every outspoken Merseyside housewife contributed to the DNA of his viciously hilarious alter ego Lily Savage. I thought, “I can’t do it any more.” So she sort of died with him.’‘But Jackie Collins was fabulous. Her husband went the same way and we emailed each other every day. Stay on in there.” It’s watching somebody slipping through your fingers and there’s nothing you can do. He blames ‘the four Cs – Carlton television, cigarettes, cholesterol and caffeine,’ but should probably add ‘congenital’ as both his parents died of heart disease. And, with her gone, the family home was gone, so what was left of any roots I had were completely dug up.

Alternatively you can try *#2767*2878# without a SIM card which is known to work on some models.