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We had the privilege to be ministered to by Pastor Larry in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe on the 30th of January to the 7th of February 2016.This is almost 2 years ago but we were still feeling the blessing of lectures during those days.

While it seems a loss for us all we exhort the brethren all over the world to celebrate his life as a gift from God that was given and has now been taken.

With a zeal and passion for the Truth he selflessly served the Church of Jesus Christ travelling to different countries with his precise teachings and power-point presentations that were a blessing to us all.

When you laugh I'll laugh with you; I will share your joy and sorrow Till we've seen this journey through.

Yes, he was an excellent apologist, but he was also a true shepherd of the flock. He was also a teacher who cherished every opportunity to teach the truth wherever the Lord would open a door for him – across the world, to every culture and to large and small gatherings alike.

Once again, there are many who can point out error but Larry was one of a few whose passion was as much for truth as against error.

The following are just a few of the tributes that were read at the Memorial Service for our dear colleague Pastor Larry De Bruyn on Sunday January 7th in Dale City, Virginia.

Pastor Larry's service will be posted on You Tube in the next few days. hen Jewel Grewe called me and said she wanted to hold a Discernment / Berean Call Conference in South Africa in January 2016, we were thrilled to hear that Larry de Bruyn would be accompanying her.Many years ago I was struggling with a very difficult situation in a very difficult church. Unexpectedly Larry called and spent time encouraging me with the same comfort he had been comforted with in a similar situation.When it seemed that all others had forsaken or forgotten, Larry had not, and I will never forget his kindness at such a dark hour.Most people who know the name Larry De Bruyn, know him as a discerner and apologist. He wrote and spoke indefatigably against error and his work is visible all over the internet and on countless bookshelves and in the hearts of thousands.Not only did he have an excellent grasp of the theological issues but he exhibited a Christ-like spirit towards even his opponents.There are many who attempt to defend truth, but not many who do it with the right attitude.

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