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This popular holiday region attracts many visitors every year with its fires in the form of ornate religious symbols, crosses, doves and hearts.At dusk, their glow lights up the mountains for around two hours.

More mountain fires are lit at dusk next to Brandstadl on-mountain restaurant.Since the mid-19th century, mountain ranges throughout Tirol are illuminated with countless bonfires to remind of the oath to the Sacred Heart.In 2017, the Sacred Heart Fires are lit on the weekend of June 24 and 25.In 2010 UNESCO decreed this summer solstice tradition, which is well known far beyond the regional borders, to be one of Austria’s cultural heritages.Solstice celebrations at Innsbruck’s Nordkette Mountains are particularly spectacular.In the Snow Card Tirol Area of Validity, you can look forward to 2,909 kilometres of slopes: the ski resorts are served by 920 ski lifts.

Have lots of fun skiing in the Snow Card Tirol Area of Validity!Rugged Wilder Kaiser Mountain Range will also be ablaze as night falls on Summer Solstice.You can admire the midsummer fire on Hartkaiser Mountain whilst enjoying a barbeque party.The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (second Sunday after Corpus Christi) reminds of the year 1796 when Tirol got "engaged" with the Sacred Heart of Jesus to protect them against the invading French troops.As a sign of the oath, Sacred Heart fires were lit on mountain tops and slopes.Dating back to the Middle Ages, different traditions to celebrate this special occasion have emerged in different Tirolean regions and towns.