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Neither the Virginia State Police nor the Commonwealth of Virginia shall be held responsible for any errors or omissions on this web site or produced by secondary dissemination of this information. Extreme care must be taken in the use of information because mistaken identification may occur when relying solely upon name, age and address to identify individuals. If you believe that general information on this site is in error, please submit a comment on the comments page. The information on this web site is made available solely to provide information to the public.

For more information about how New York State monitors sex offenders, check out the links included in the menu on the right side of this page.It’s simple to search criminal records by case number.You can easily find criminal records by state, search criminal records by name, search criminal records by county by using a national criminal records database.In the earlier days not every death or birth was recorded with the court house.Likewise, marriages that occurred in churches too were not recorded.Those law enforcement agencies can release the same information about offenders that is available via the toll-free number.

DCJS also offers an expedited service to the public, including to children's camps' operators, to improve response time to requests for checks of prospective employees against the Sex Offender Registry.It would not be until after the Civil War that it was determined that immigration was to be a federal responsibility.The establishment of the Office of the Superintendent of Immigration under the Treasury Department occurred in 1891.For purposes of this section, absent other aggravating circumstances, the mere republication or reasonable distribution of material contained on or derived for the publicly available Internet sex offender database shall not be deemed intimidation or harassment. By clicking within this box to proceed, I agree to the terms and limitations as stated.Their are many reasons why you may want to find information. Now you can easily perform a public records search online and have your information in minutes. In the earlier days of the Union, these records were limited to the census, immigration, court cases, some marriages, very few births and only a limited amount of deaths.

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