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Tv kiss kosovska mitrovica online dating

Then, when the demographics and other salient factors are in place, the real battle for dominance will begin. A September 30, 2007 headline by writer Tejinder Singh encapsulates the connection: “Wahhabism tightening grip over Kosovo” Ahtisaari’s plan for independence may help terrorism flourish: …[O]ver the last decade, especially now with the talk of Kosovo independence, there are questions being raised about the external influence in once-tranquil religious relations…[Wahhabism]has been rearing its ugly head of intolerance in the Balkans starting from Bosnia a decade ago.

But the following year there was an unexpected ray of hope (perhaps my plea hadn’t fallen on deaf ears after all?

), when this Financial Times article came out in October 2006: “US Evangelists “join campaign to keep Kosovo within Serbia’.” However, yesterday I found out from Jim Jatras what it was that, predictably, happened with all that: After Bishop Artemije visited with Pat Robertson and with Jerry Falwell’s operation, there were some news stories about American evengelicals taking a pro-Serbian view on Kosovo.

This resulted in some evangelicals claiming to work in Kosovo writing to Robertson and ciruculating blogs that our info was wrong, that Christians are free to evengelize in Kosovo, that Kosovo Albanians love Americans, are tolerant, blah blah blah.

“A police buddy and I staked out this building, and interviewed some people,” he said. “The Kosovo Department of Justice won’t act on [counterterrorist information], because the people inside the institution are from the ‘other side.’ It’s very frustrating — and a very dangerous thing for the future.” Michael Harrison [UNMIK Field Coordinator for Protection of Minorities] refers to another case later in 2006, in which an undercover investigator from a Central European country posed as a mafia figure interested in buying rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) from an Albanian Islamist. Instead of doing something about it, you have the Germans donating 30 tons of weapons for Kosovo’s future army, the TMK, now in storage.” Tom Gambill [ex-security chief for OSCE] added in the fall of 2006 that a NATO internal map from 2003 listing some 17 illegal paramilitary and terrorist training camps was “still currently valid, to the best of my knowledge.” Shall we make a wager on whether this church member, and his pastor, were supporters of Kosovo’s illegal and violent separation from Serbia?

“We had photos and good information that showed these guys should be dealt with. Then again, perhaps they were members of the silent Albanian minority that knew what was coming but was rendered powerless to speak out after the “freedom” we brought to their province under the stewardship of the KLA.

And, from the looks of it, whose help some Albanians are going to wish they had, even if at the time it would have seemed like the opposite of help.

So now, according to Pastor Krisniqi, churches are being vandalized. This incident, like other Wahhabi “nuicances” in the Kosovo we helped win, is not an intentional function of the Albanian supremacists that stole Serbian land via terror.For the most part, however, all were on board willingly.Certainly the Albanian diaspora waving American and Albanian flags on Feb.Indeed, it would call into question the entire rationale for Western intervention in Kosovo. Although both then and now the vast majority of Muslim Albanians are neither radical nor pro-Arab, as in Bosnia, a small but stubborn Wahhabi movement was being established.This, the unsurprising result of a decade of Islamist infiltration of the economic and religious spheres of society, would eventually become powerful enough to challenge the mainstream Islamic leadership — a trend that has been noted in every single Balkan country that has been penetrated by foreign Islamist interests. [W]hile most Balkan residents feel their countries are hardly worth the trouble for Islamic radicals, this view ignores the reality that the Islamists are simply biding their time and cleverly adapting to the prevailing social conditions, in order to strengthen their position.One look at the local media reports in Kosovo and neighbouring arena will suffice to convince any sceptic about the dangers of Wahhabism form of Islam.