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At this time, the Company intends to re-start regular nitric acid and ammonium nitrate ("AN") production, on a partial basis, in approximately 30 days, and increase that production over the next 90 days, as various plants are brought back on-line.

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"I decided to stop at Km259 of the North-South Expressway near the Port Dickson toll plaza.PROVISIONAL 2017-18 PROGRAMME: 18 Sept 2017Water Competition, CHP Christmas Lunch.Cogeneration update - John Hyde - Ener-G Zero Waste Brexit - Energy Policy (AGM) Electricity policy - Transport Site Visit - biogas to grid Hydrogen networks Christmas Lunch - Speaker TBA (The SW EEMGs' Notice Board includes some of the key presentations given at EEMG meetings.) If you or your organisation would like to sponsor this group, a group event or this web page, contact the Chairman or Secretary (contact details above on the right hand side of this web page)."If the driver had not stopped, the crack could have gotten worse and there could have been a disaster." He added adding that the cracked canister was patched up before the second lorry transported the chemicals."We finished moving the canisters at 2am as we had to wait for the second lorry to arrive." Sulphuric acid is a strong acid and has a dangerous dehydrating ability.No employees or anyone in the El Dorado community were injured as a result of the explosion, and there was no environmental impact.

Following is an update to the earlier announcement.

This evaluation will take several months to complete.

The DSN concentrated nitric acid plant produced approximately 20% of the nitric acid manufactured at the El Dorado Facility.

The Company intends to replace the nitric acid production capacity lost by this event.

-- Other "regular" nitric acid plants -- The three other nitric acid plants, which produce approximately 80% of the nitric acid at the El Dorado Facility, in concentrations from 56% to 65%, sustained less damage.

Business to the east of the spill were initially evacuated as officials worried high winds could send dangerous fumes their way — which is no longer a concern, Canon said.