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YK: He's the type that can't express friendship very well.It's hard for him to just come out and say things like thank you. YK: Yeah, that's the word we use now to describe people like him.

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[ Yasutaka Sato's free techno and/or pixel fonts made between 20 include Asos19101357, Asos19101357Bold Italic, Asosbeats01, Curvic, Curvic Oblique, HDF, Lignor, Linernix, and Thundercity. And unlike other compact font formats, such as stroke or stick fonts, the quality of Ascender Compact Asian Fonts is such that no embedded bitmaps are necessary for typical screen sizes. A partial list of their fonts, all made in 2004: 53Seed Extended, 53Veda, 53Veda Extended, 55Kana, 55Kana Extended, 75Naga, 75Naga Extended, 76Naga Bold, 76Naga Bold Extended, 88Zen.

By using component outlines, versus entire character outlines, ACAF offers significant benefits over standard True Type or Open Type font formats. Some fonts are great, such as 5&up-Namco, 5&up-Airport, 5&up-KC, 5&up-Peanuts, and 5&up-Sega. [ Japanese free font maker specializing mainly in pixel fonts, kana, kanji, Latin.

Another common example is when a female character takes a bath.

The bubbles will generally cover her "naughty bits" — somehow like a Modesty Bubble Bath or Modesty Foam Bath.See Censor Suds for more on this form of scenery censorship.In comics, speech bubbles are very serviceable too.In contrast to Times New Roman, Times Europa has sturdier characters and more open counter spaces, which help maintain readability in rougher printing conditions.Times Europa drastically improved on the legibility of the bold and italic styles of Times New Roman.), Trump Mediaeval Office (2006), Linotype Conrad (1999), Optima Nova (2003, a new version of Optima that includes 40 weights, half of them italic), Linotype Avenir Next (2003, 48 weights developed with its original creator, Adrian Frutiger, and to be used also by the city of Amsterdam from 2003 onwards), Avenir Next Rounded (2012, in conjunction with Sandra Winter), Zapfino Extra, Palatino Sans and Palation Sans Informal (2006, with Hermann Zapf; won an award at TDC2 2007).A completely nude character's "naughty bits" are blocked from the camera by a convenient prop or oddity of architecture, yet every other character in the scene gets an eyeful, usually resulting in either ogling and nosebleeds, or Squicks and grabs for the Brain Bleach.

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